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The Hart Building

Frog & Butterfly resides in downtown Lansing, NC in what the locals know as the Hart Store building built in 1938 using cement blocks that were handmade on site. The building originally housed a general and grocery store run by Mrs. Hart a local legend and character loved by the community of whom many fascinating tales are told to this day.

The town of Lansing is a small mountain village that is undergoing a revival of commerce and industry. Lansing is framed by the gentle rise of the Blue Ridge mountains with beautiful flowing streams teeming with rainbow and brook trout and surrounded by towering white pines, spruce, and virgin forests full of deer, groundhogs, birds and even the occasional black bear. The area is a beautiful sight that must be beheld to be appreciated.

Proprietors Ron and Connie Williams (The Frog and the Butterfly!)

Downtown Lansing, NC

12 miles north of West Jefferson on Highway 194 N

2016 Frog & Butterfly